SUNsparq™ Solar Hybrid Generators

SUNsparq™ uses a proprietary Solar Engine with a compact solar concentrating array to generate clean and reliable power at unmatched efficiency.

  • Assured Power for 24/7 Energy Security
  • Double the Efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Panels
  • Rugged and Reliable Distributed Power

SUNsparq incorporates technologies from the aerospace and other industries to convert solar energy to electricity with unprecedented efficiency for the lowest cost solar energy.  SUNsparq can also run on traditional fuels for energy security in any weather condition.

Initially developed to provide secure renewable energy for remote and inaccessible locations and work-sites, SUNsparq has the highest efficiency, lowest cost and best reliability of any other distributed energy generation system.  It is modular, scalable and responsive to the unique requirements of a wide variety of challenging applications.